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Tears & Creases Repaired

Damaged photographs can happen to us all, that precious photograph of a wedding or even holiday, can and do get damaged.

Whether its water or mould damage, or general wear and tear. Photographs get damaged.

That lovely framed photograph is accidentally dropped and the glass breaks, but the photograph as stuck to the glass and when you come to peel it off, part of it is still stuck to the broken pieces.

The photograph you keep in your purse or wallet, itís become creased and dog eared after years of being sat on, squashed and handed around.

The most frustrating part is, when you damage a photograph, you no longer have the negative. Don't despair, give me a call or drop us an email, we can repair it. Your damaged photograph can be restored to be as good as new, but still look like an old photograph. 

Most images will benefit from some kind of clean up. Even if itís just to repair or restore an old photograph or remove distracting objects or shadows that interfere with a flowing composition. Using a photo for a drinks mat is not the best idea. Water rings can form and ruin a photo Water damaged photographs can be cleansed and restored whilst preserving the original feel and media.

The reason I have listed them as a separate item is to highlight the fact that photographs do get torn, and how we go about repairing them, whether itís through wear and tear or because someone has physically torn the photograph into several pieces. There are many reasons why this happens, but it does.

But what happens to a torn photograph, we try to stick it back together with sticky tape or we try to trim them down with a pair of scissors. Not a very successful way, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Thatís where we come in.

The majority of torn photographs we get have pieces missing. Were possible we will restore the missing area, we do not crop the photograph as some restoration firms will do, unless you say that is what you want to happen.


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