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Image Retouching

All photographs can be improved by being retouched in some way, by the removal of a person or object. From the removal of wrinkles and blemishes in someone's face, to reducing someone's waist line or other body parts to enhance their appearance.

So whether itís red eye, your thumb over the lens or just something in the photograph you want removing. Or maybe your products could do with a little refinement to their appearance before you use them in a brochure or leaflet. Then, Photo Restore can provide the answer.

Enhanced photographs make an ordinary photograph into something special.

Skin imperfections can be removed, wrinkles smoothed out and/or distracting birthmarks or moles erased, whichever, retouching to your requirements makes for a smoother more flattering result.

Colouring an old photo can breathe new life into your photos. It is possible to colour old black and white photos and to restore the colour in heavily faded photos. The more faded they are the trickier it gets but itís all possible. Don't despair and don't throw them away. Two or more portraits can be merged seamlessly or artefacts removed to make the perfect picture.


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