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Removal of Objects or People

Photographs can be improved by having things removed in some way or another, by the removal of a person or object. In the same way whilst removing an object a different may need inserting, it's a way of adding to the photograph to highlight the subject, to add value to it in a visual way. Whether it's adding that certain something to a wedding photograph, or a fairy tale enchantment to a snap shot of Grandma reading a bedtime story, or adding a touch of fun to a normal photograph, or maybe adding a touch of glamour to a photograph of your daughter/son, girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband, finally, better still, inject some humour into a photograph of father and son.

So whether itís red eye, your thumb over the lens or just something in the photograph you want removing. Maybe your images could do with a little refinement to their appearance before you use them in a brochure or leaflet, then; Photo Restore can provide that service.


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