Quality old photo restoration service - Digitally restoring photographs

It has never been or will ever be the easiest exercise to price the restoration of photographs due mainly to the varied problems that can arise with images, so the prices below are there as a loose guideline and will be confirmed with yourself before any work is carried out, very often it works out cheaper if worked on, on an hourly basis rather than using the guidelines.

Our hourly rate is £10.00 per 30 minutes enabling us to be able to charge in increments of half hours rather than charging for a full hour if not warranted. We have a minimum charge of £10.00 which would include postage for standard images in the UK.

Guideline One  £10 - £15

Simple fade corrections - Contrast adjustments - Simple dust and scratch removal - Sharpening - Cropping

Guideline Two  £15 - £22

Minor fading - Minor discolouration - Light mould or damage - Hair-line fissures

Guideline Three  £22 - £30

Deep scratch marks - Facial area corrections - Multiple paper wrinkles - Moderate specks of mould damage - Medium fading - Small areas missing

Guideline Four  £30 - £ 45

Larger areas missing or damaged - Larger areas of face or body missing - Heavy mould damage - Major rebuilding

Payments Terms

Paying for your photo restoration is simple. Once you’re happy with your photographs which we will send you a copyrighted copy of, once your payment has been confirmed as cleared then your photo’s will be shipped. The payment methods are below, please let us know your preferred method so that the correct invoice is supplied, thank you.

Direct Bank transfer

A bank transfer is the easiest method of payment. We supply an invoice with our details on and you can pay via your online banking facility.


An easy and secure method. You do not have to be a member of PayPal, and you can also use any major credit/debit card. We will email a PayPal invoice to your email address of choice. Please note: There is a 5% handling fee as PayPal charges to receive funds this way.


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