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How to Order

If you know exactly what you want then by all means send your pictures with your instructions enclosed. We will contact you if there is anything we need to discuss before starting work.

If you’re not sure how to tackle the picture or what the possibilities are then please call, e-mail or write and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements, without obligation.

All work is carried out on high resolution scanned images taken from your original. The original is otherwise untouched or altered, and your photographs will be returned to you in their original state.

We take every care with your photographs, handling them with the same respect and attention as we do our own. However we accept no responsibility for loss or damage howsoever caused while your pictures are in our possession, or in transit to you. Sending your pictures to us denotes your acceptance of these terms.

Completed orders are sent by traceable method, usually Special/Recorded Delivery or other method by arrangement.

Please allow 28 days for completion of orders although they will often be returned much sooner. If you have a deadline (birthdays etc.) please tell us in your instructions and we will do our best to meet it.

All work is guaranteed – if for any reason you are not satisfied with the result simply return the print within 10 days for a no quibble refund.

Please note: Not all originals fit neatly into modern sizes. We will fit your picture without cropping unless otherwise requested.

Posting your photo

If posting images please contact us first or ensure you have read our posting guidelines.

When posting your originals, you should always use Royal Mail Recorded as a minimum and Special Delivery if you can. Please use stiff card as protection and if possible photo posting packaging from your post office, please protect your photos for your own peace of mind. Please include your Name, Return Address, Email and Phone Numbers with a note of what you require. We will get back to you to confirm your details & requirements to assure satisfaction.

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Scanning & Emailing your photo

Full restorations require a scan of around 1Mb - 4Mb low compression JPEG file, or an image at least 3000 pixels on its longest side.

When it comes to photo repairs you may scan in an image from a print, slide or negative and your scanning software does it all for you. Saving without compression or little compression is the best way to preserve detail in your image. The higher the compression the more data is thrown away and the less detail there will be in your image. Try to scan you image so that the longest side of the photo ends up at around 3000 pixels long, just select and scan the photo not the whole scanner bed.

To do this, measure your photo in inches.

Above 10 Inches set the scanner to 300 Dpi (dots per Inch)

10 to 9 inches set the scanner to 300 Dpi  

7 to 8 inches set the scanner to 400 Dpi

5 to 6 inches set the scanner to 500 to 600 Dpi

3 to 4 inches set the scanner to 1200 Dpi

1 to 2 inches set the scanner to 2400 Dpi

NOTE: if you have an all in one scanner printer copier that was fairly cheap you may run into difficulties, these machines actually make image detail worse!

In order for a restoration to be carried out to a high standard, highly compressed files’ must be avoided!

Just to re-cap....

1. Scan with the appropriate DPI for the size of your image (see above) 

2. Scan in colour, even if your photo is black and white. 

3. Save with low compression. or biggest file size in JPEG format 

If you still have trouble with scanning correctly then you may of course post your photo to us.

Let us do the scanning on our high resolution equipment. Our scanning equipment is better than the average domestic scanner so this definitely provides the best start to the restoration process. We have the advantage also of being able to scan large photos - up to A3 in size and larger.

We aim to offer a quality service at an affordable price, we offer free advice on your requests, prior to you deciding whether to have the work carried out.

Alternatively you could use a high street copying/scanning shop, most photocopying or printing shops will be able to scan and then save the images onto a CD/DVD or a USB memory stick. You can then take that back to your pc and email the images to us. 

If you end up with a large file which is difficult to email, you might like to use the very user-friendly service at www.wetransfer.com which enables you to send large files free of charge.


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